Roadmap and Releases History


Just released:

  • New "Premium Support Edition" available for purchase! Learn more


Summer 2019:

  • Initial support for major 3rd-party JavaScript libraries, including "Telerik Kendo UI" and "Syncfusion Essential JS". The first controls released will be the Kendo UI "Grid" control (DataGrid), the Syncfusion "Spreadsheet" control, and the "RichTextEditor". More controls will be added in the following weeks. You can significantly accelerate the pace by contributing to funding the development.
    Note: a separate license from Telerik or Syncfusion will be required to use these features.

    UPDATE: The Kendo UI wrappers for CSHTML5 are now available here.
  • "Material Design" styles kit
  • Improved Showcase / "Live Demos" application, featuring the initial Kendo UI and the Syncfusion wrappers, as well as the "Material Design" Styles Kit


Q3 2019:

Version 2.0 BETA! (VS 2015 or newer)

UPDATE: Early "Preview" (Alpha) releases of v2.0 are now available on the forums.

  • Whole new engine to convert C# to JS: now based on Bridge.NET instead of JSIL
  • Better performance; Much faster load times; Smaller footprint; Minification
  • Source maps (to debug in C# while running in the browser)
  • Support for build servers and VSTS (Azure DevOps) for continuous delivery
  • Support for newer C# versions (up to C# 7.2)
  • Distributed as a NuGet package (and a .VSX setup for project templates and design-time VS integration)
  • Improved Mscorlib support, and errors are now also reported at Design-Time rather than Compile-Time
  • Easier interop with JS frameworks (Angular, React, Vue...)
  • Better leveraging of the browser cache
  • Lots of bug fixes (support for "Post Build" event, support for the "dynamic" keyword...)


Q4 2019:

  • v2.0 General Availability


Late 2019 - early 2020:

  • Further performance improvement and code optimization
  • Initial support for "Telerik UI for Silverlight", implemented via Kendo UI. The first controls supported will be the RadGridView and the RadTreeView. More controls will be added in the following months. You can significantly accelerate the pace by contributing to funding the development.
    Note: a separate license from Telerik (for the Kendo UI-based implementation) will be required.
  • Addition support for 3rd party libraries, and large gallery of examples. You can significantly accelerate the pace by contributing to funding the development.
  • Improved support for generating strongly-typed C#/XAML wrappers from "TypeScript Definition" files, to enable .NET developers to access any existing JS library as if it was written in C# and XAML.
  • Case studies and Success Stories on the website
  • Experimental WebAssembly-based version. Possible Blazor interop. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing financially to accelerate the delivery of this version.



  • Support for most of the remaining .NET and XAML types
  • Fix for most of the remaining known limitations
  • A visual XAML designer with drag and drop and properties panel
  • Improved XAML preview based on an HTML renderer that supports user controls and 3rd party HTML-based extensions
  • Even more 3rd-party libraries support


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Releases History

As you can see below, we have been working very diligently for the past 5 years. We have always delivered on the promises, and we believe that the best is yet to come. Stay we us as we keep working to build the future of software development!

  • Q1 2019: (v1.2) Open-Sourced CSHTML5 + Support for implicit styles, Themes, Generic.xaml, DefaultStyleKey, Focus states, TabIndex, DatePicker, TimePicker, Improved WCF (authentication, async calls with callbacks...), Improved DataGrid (paging...), x:FieldModifier, XmlnsDefinitionAttribute, and much more
  • Q2 2018: (v1.1) New Samples Showcase and Blazor(WASM)/Bridge.NET experiments, Fix to Edge Crash, Custom Fonts, Label, ItemContainerStyle, AncestorType, customize the Loading screen, RadialGradientBrush, and much more
  • Q1 2018: (v1.0 RC 1) UriMapper, Frame, Viewbox, GetResourceStream, integrate into existing SPA or ASP.NET, IsFullScreen, custom markup extensions, 10X Simulator performance improvement, WebView, and much more
  • Q4 2017: (Beta 13) Faster compilation, DataContractSerializer, new improved WCF stack (pro), XDocument, XElement, and other Linq to XML classes, improved Simulator renderer (compatible with the latest HTML5 features and aligned with the latest Chromium), RepeatButton, ClickMode.Press and Release, NumericUpDown, and more than 30 other new features and improvements
  • Q3 2017: (Beta 12) Visual Studio 2017 compatibility, Grid RowSpan / ColumnSpan, Silverlight Migration Wizard v1, SignalR support, DockPanel, new implementation of the Grid based on the CSS Grid Layout, XAML Editor preview of styles defined in App.xaml and elsewhere, GridSplitter, improved Silverlight Compatibility, TextBlock Inlines and RunsArcSegment, {x:Null}, Printing, SelectionMode.Extended, repeating LinearGradientBrush, AutoCompleteBox, DragDropTarget, Animations RepeatBehavior, and much more (over 50 other new features!)
  • Q1 2017: (Beta 11) Charts (Pro), Silverlight Migration Edition, Improved Performance, HtmlPresenter control (Pro), improved C#/XAML support (learn more), experimental support for importing TypeScript Definition Files (Pro), high-performance HtmlCanvas control, jQuery.ajax support (Pro), MatrixTransform, TextBox Binding Validation, BitmapImage.SetSource, MaxLength, and much more (over 30 other new features!)
  • Q3 2016: (Beta 10) Bug Fixing, ChildWindow, ContextMenu, MenuItem, Popup, Thumb control, ToolTip, Improved DateTime support, Right-click event, Min/max width/height, support for non-native ComboBox, FindElementsInHostCoordinates, ScrollBar control, ClipToBounds, and much more.
  • MID-2016: (Beta 9) Brand New Simulator, XAML Live Inspector, Up to 20x Faster Compilation, JSON Serializer/Deserializer, DoubleAnimation, ColorAnimation, LinearGradientBrush, StopWatch, StrokeDashArray, Chrome for Android support, resizable Simulator window, remember Simulator settings, and much more.
  • Q2 2016: (Beta 8) Extensibility, WebSockets, ControlTemplates/Storyboards, ResX, Call JS from C#, Print, File Open/Save, ZIP, Mapping, TabControl, Expander, Custom attributes, "Run from localhost", and much more.
  • Q1 2016: (Beta 7) ResourceDictionary, Path, Ellipse, Line, CompositeTransform, and much more.
  • Q4 2015: (Beta 6) VS 2015 support, ICommand, MediaElement, RadioButton, Pointer/Cursor, drag-and-drop, DropShadowEffect, and much more.
  • Q3 2015: (Beta 5) IsolatedStorage, Documentation, sample app available on the Apple AppStore and on GooglePlay, web server to easily Test on Mobile Devices, Regular Expressions support, ListBox, DataGrid item selection, and much more.
  • Q2 2015: (Beta 4) Full support of C# 5.0: Linq, Async/Await, DataGrid, ComboBox, CheckBox, HyperlinkButton, IsEnabled, and much more.
  • Q1 2015: (Beta 3) WCF, SOAP, REST, "Add Service Reference", Web API support, WebClient, XmlSerializer, Guid, PasswordBox, BeginInvoke, FontFamily, FontWeight, Thickness, BorderBrush, and more.
  • Q4 2014: (Beta 2) Data Binding, Styles, StaticResource, DataContext, DataTemplate, ItemsControl, ContentControl, design-time XAML preview window, DispatcherTimer, and more.
  • Q3 2014: (Beta 1) The first beta provides all the main tools to build cross-platform stand-alone HTML5 apps in standard C# and XAML. A subset of C# and XAML is supported that is large enough to build simple useful apps.
  • Q2 2014: (Preview) The Preview release focuses on gathering users' feedback. It introduces Visual Studio integration and fine-tunes compatibility with all the main browsers and mobile devices.

DISCLAMER: The roadmap is based on users' feedback and is subject to change. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. The information in the roadmap does not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.