CSHTML5 has now become OpenSilver!

We are happy to announce that CSHTML5 has been significantly improved and rebranded to 'OpenSilver', which stands for 'Open-source reimplementation of Silverlight'. It is fully backward compatible and it can be downloaded from Upgrading from CSHTML5 to OpenSilver is very easy.
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Extensions for CSHTML5


Proprietary extensions:

    - Kendo UI wrappers for CSHTML5


Open-Source extensions:

    - Chart controls (Plotly)

    - WebSockets

    - JSON Serialization / Deserialization

    - JSONP Calls

    - SignalR

    - WebGL 3D / Three.js by rkmore

    - Particles & Weather by TaterJuice

    - Busy Indicator Spinner by Sesztak

    - FileOpenDialog

    - FileSaver

    - ZipFile

   - DatePicker by TaterJuice

    - TimePicker by TaterJuice

    - jQuery.ajax

    - PrintHelper

    - Unofficial ArcGIS Mapping control (in progress)

    - Compose Email

    - SHA1 Hash Function


More extensions, updates, and discussions can be found on the Extensions and Plugins section of the Forums.

You may also be interested to read: How to Create Extensions for CSHTML5.