CSHTML5 has now become OpenSilver!

We are happy to announce that CSHTML5 has been significantly improved and rebranded to 'OpenSilver', which stands for 'Open-source reimplementation of Silverlight'. It is fully backward compatible and it can be downloaded from Upgrading from CSHTML5 to OpenSilver is very easy.
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How to avoid recompiling some projects to achieve faster compilation


Note: this feature requires v1.0 Beta 13 or newer


You can prevent an assembly from being recompiled to JavaScript by simply uncheking it from the "Configuration Manager" window of Visual Studio:

How to disable a project in the Configuration Manager window

IMPORTANT: Be sure to re-enable those projects when you make changes to them and you want to recompile them. A common cause of issues is due to people forgetting to re-enable some projects in the "Configuration Manager" window.


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