Limitations and workarounds

XAML-related limitations:

  • Grid.RowSpan and Grid.ColumnSpan are not supported.
    Workaround: nest a Grid inside another Grid to achieve a similar result.
  • ListBox controls do not have built-in scroll bars.
    Workaround: Place the ListBox inside a ScrollViewer control. Tip: for smooth scrolling on mobile devices, set VerticalScrollBarVisibility to Visible rather than Auto.
  • CenterX and CenterY are not supported in render transforms.
    Workaround: set the RenderTransformOrigin property on the element itself. Tip: to achieve the same transform without using CenterX and CenterY, consider experimenting with Microsoft Blend on a separate WPF or UWP project. In fact, Microsoft Blend by default also does not use the CenterX and CenterY properties for render transforms.
  • Triggers are not supported.
    Workaround: instead of Triggers, use the VisualStateManager class in conjunction with Storyboards. Tip: consider experimenting with Microsoft Blend on a separate UWP or Silverlight project, which also do not support triggers.
  • TransformGroup is not supported.
    Workaround: instead of a TransformGroup, you may use a CompositeTransform, which lets you apply multiple transforms in the following order: Scale, Skew, Rotate, Translate.
  • StrokeStartLineCap and StrokeEndLineCap must have the same value for a given element.
    Workaround: set both properties to the same value, or remove those properties altogether. Note: this is due to the fact that HTML5 does not support a different cap for the Start and the End of a line. The default value of those properties is: Flat.
  • It is recommended that you explicitly set a fixed Width and Height (in pixels) for ChildWindows, otherwise they may take the size of the whole page.
    For example, you can set it like this: <ChildWindow Width="400" Height="400"> ...

C# limitations:

WCF and HTTP-related limitations:

Click here to read about WCF and HTTP-related limitations.

XML Serialization-related limitations:

Click here to read about XML serializer limitations.

Mscorlib limitations:

Only a subset of the Mscorlib methods are currently supported. You can see the list of supported types here, and read the guide on how to implement mscorlib methods.


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