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Good news! CSHTML5 is now Open-Source! The features that used to be only in the paid version are now free for hobbyists, open-source projects, and academics!

Commercial licenses are still available for freelancers and organizations wishing to use the product commercially. Please refer to the table below.

If you purchased the Professional Edition (before Dec 31st 2018): you have the choice to either keep the old pricing (renew) or update to the new pricing below.

Community Edition Commercial Edition
Features All All
Eligibility Hobbyists, Open-Source Projects, Academics
Freelancers, Startups, and Small Organizations (< $250k/yr) Organizations
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One-time purchase:


Limited-time discount!

Or pay-as-you-go:


Limited-time discount!

One-time purchase:


Limited-time discount!

Or pay-as-you-go:


Limited-time discount!

License Dual-licensed under both the Open-Source GPLv3 license and a custom license that permits closed-source use.

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Suitable for All Projects, Commercial Use Allowed, Royalty-Free

Perpetuity Guarantee More information
Support Community (Forums, StackOverflow...) Ticket-Based Support, Technical Sessions, Hotfixes    More information

"One-time purchases" let you use the software forever. They come with 1 year of free updates and support. That period is renewable with -30% discount the first year, and -50% discount the following years.

The "pay-as-you-go" licenses can be canceled at any time (no cancellation fees).

There is no need for server licenses, build-server licenses, nor production licenses: licenses are only required for development.

Licenses can be transfered from one developer to another within an organization.

Volume discounts are available for 4 seats or more (prices above already include the discounts).

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


If you are migrating from Silverlight or WPF, be sure to purchase the Migration Edition instead.


Perpetuity guarantee: in case something would happen that led the company behind CSHTML5 to stop the development and maintenance of the product and its derivatives, the company is committed to publicly releasing the related source code that it owns, and licensing it under a permissive non-copy-left Open Source license, such as the MIT or Apache License, so that anyone is free to use it for any purposes, and organizations can take advantage of further community contributions.