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Core Features Create powerful cross-platform HTML5 apps using only C#, XAML, and Visual Studio. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Use Permitted You can use the product for any purpose, including commercial. You do not need to pay any royalties. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extensions and Plugins Use 3rd party extensions, such as Charts, Websockets, SignalR, JSON Serialization, Open/Save, Zip, and many more. (more extensions are coming soon - stay tuned!)   Yes Yes Yes
Web Service calls Create client-server applications with features such as WCF (SOAP/REST), WebClient, "Add Service Reference", HTTP calls, WebSockets, SignalR, and JSONP.   Yes Yes Yes
C#/JS interop, and XAML/HTML interop Go beyond the built-in features by calling JavaScript from C# or by displaying arbitrary HTML/CSS inside your XAML with the HtmlPresenter control   Yes Yes Yes
Import TypeScript Definitions (beta)Easily access thousands of existing JS libraries in C# by importing TypeScript Definitions (beta).   Yes Yes Yes
DataGrid Control   Yes Yes Yes
C#/XAML style Microsoft UWP
Microsoft UWP
+ Subset of WPF
Microsoft UWP
Easier Silverlight MigrationMigrate existing Silverlight applications to HTML5 with less effort thanks to improved Silverlight support.     Yes  
Source Code Access Get the runtime source code, including the .NET libraries, the XAML built-in controls, the WCF-related classes, and all the code that goes into your final app. (1)   optional  Yes Yes
Support Type Community
Basic Support Priority Support Enterprise Support
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(1) Source code access may require signing an NDA/NC


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